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Boston Manhunt Shuts Down the City; One Suspect Still at Large
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[UPDATE:] Boston police are now searching for a green ’99 Honda sedan with the license plate 116-GC7 [ORIGINAL:] Authorities in Boston are conducting a door-to-door manhunt for one of the suspects in this week’s Boston Marathon bombings. Boston police have …

Boston Manhunt: Redditor On Scene Offers Details In AMA

The Boston manhunt is still going strong after one of the suspects in last week’s marathon bombing was shot and killed last night. The other suspect, who is still at large, is still in the Boston area with police sweeping …

Bomb Suspect Images in the Hands of Police
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Yesterday, confusion hit the media as conflicting reports seemed to indicate that authorities may have arrested a suspect in connection with the Boston Marathon bombings. Those reports were later denied by Boston police, but today it has been confirmed that …

Boston Suspect Id’d? Image of Suspect Could Lead to Arrest
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Conflicting reports today are indicating that a suspect may have been arrested in connection with the Boston Marathon bombings earlier this week. According to a report from the Boston Globe, a suspect in the attacks has been identified using a …

Patton Oswalt Tweets, Facebooks Thoughts On Boston Marathon Explosions
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Comedian and actor Patton Oswalt, a frequent Twitter user on a day-to-day basis, took to the medium following Monday’s tragedy in Boston to offer some brief thoughts, as many other celebrities and ordinary people did. “Look for the helpers. You’ll …

Google Launches Person Finder For Boston Marathon Explosions Google Launches Person Finder For Boston Marathon Explosions

Google has set up a tool to help people find loved ones after the explosions in Boston today. This is part of Google.org’s Person Finder project. The tool can be used both to try and locate a person and to …

Boston Marathon: Explosions Rock the Finish Line; Injuries, Deaths Reported
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(Image courtesy Dan Lampariello) [UPDATE 5:] It is now being reported that three people, including an 8-year-old boy, have died. Over 150 people were injured in the blasts. [UPDATE 4:] Boston Police have stated that the explosion at the JFK …

Rihanna Cancels Concert Due to Laryngitis

TMZ reported this weekend that pop star Rihanna cancelled her scheduled Sunday night concert in Boston. The singer blamed the cancellation on Laryngitis. Live nation stated that the no-show is doctor’s orders for Rihanna, and that the Boston show will …

Flu Scare Leads to Public Health Emergency in Boston
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Botson Mayor Thomas Menino this week declared a public health emergency in Boston due to what could become one of the worst flu seasons in nearly a decade. Earlier this week, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned …

Zynga Laid Off Over 100 Employees During The Apple Event
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Apple took over the Internet news cycle today with the announcement of the iPad Mini. The news would obviously drown out anything else, including mass layoffs at one of the largest social game developers in the world. Nobody would be …

Audrina Patridge Gives You a Lot to Look At In Her Little Bikini
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Audrina Patridge, otherwise known as that girl from “The Hills” and that one chick from “Honey 2″, decided she hadn’t given guys anything to drool over in recent months. So when she had the opportunity to show off her black-and-white …

Racist Hockey Remarks Land Students In Hot Water
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In a follow up to a story I reported on last week, after the Bruins lost to the Capitals in a game 7 showdown, racist remarks flew in because the guy who scored the goal was black. Well, as it …

Bruins Fans Flood Twitter With Racist Remarks Bruins Fans Flood Twitter With Racist Remarks
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Hockey has a lot of great traditions like the handshake after a hard fought playoff series. Unfortunately another of hockey’s traditions is also racism. Several times in the past have racist remarks by players and fans, marred an otherwise awesome …

Fenway Park Turns 100, Trends On Twitter

By pretty much any standard, 1912 was a big year. China became the Republic of China, Piltdown Man, originally thought to be the missing link, was discovered (it was later revealed to be a hoax), and the Titanic struck an …

Facebook and YouTube Used To Catch Burglars In Boston [Video] Facebook and YouTube Used To Catch Burglars In Boston [Video]

A burrito joint in Boston was broken into a few nights ago. The thieves who broke into Boloco tried to disable the security video camera with a sledge hammer, pried the door open and made off with a safe. But, …

Carson Beach Gang Fights Spurred By Social Media Carson Beach Gang Fights Spurred By Social Media
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Over five agencies and 100 law enforcement officers responded to fights in South Boston yesterday around 5:30 pm. It took that many to contain a series of gang fights that involved and were witnessed by over 1,000 youths in the …

India’s Mobile Market Growing Stronger

The U.S. search market appears to be pretty much wrapped up.  Neither Yahoo nor Google is especially strong in mobile matters, though, and the fight becomes even more of a tossup in India, where mobile services are expected to assume “a high growth trajectory.”

Google May Get More Land In Boston

Boston is sometimes referred to as “the Hub of the Universe,” and as much as I like the city, that status seems improbable.  But Boston may at least become more of a hub within Google, as a local writer has indicated that the search giant could lease land in the area.

Going.com Receives $5 Million In Funding

If you haven’t heard of Going.com, don’t feel left out – the events-driven network is only targeted at young people in Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, and New York, so I’m betting a lot of folks remain unaware of it.  That may soon change, however, because Going.com just received $5 million in funding.

Google Lawyer Settles With SEC

David Drummond will pay the Securities and Exchange Commission almost $700,000 to settle their claims against him stemming from his work with a technology training firm.

Google To Grow In Boston, Chicago

Most Google-related products, services, and announcements come out of Mountain View, but Googlers in Boston and Chicago are now grabbing some headlines of their own; the company’s locations in both cities are primed for some serious growth.