Rihanna 3 Hours Late For Boston Show


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It seems that Justin Bieber isn't the only pop star that is having trouble getting to concerts on time.

According to a Boston Magazine report, R&B star Rihanna was three hours late taking the stage at her Boston concert Monday night. As expected, fans gave her a hard time about the delay on Twitter using very colorful language.

What makes Rihanna's tardiness worse is that the concert in question was actually a make-up concert. The singer had cancelled a concert in Boston in March, citing laryngitis as the cause.

Rihanna has not addressed being late through her social media accounts, though she has tweeted out an Instagram pic of the concert through her Twitter feed as if nothing odd has happened. She stated that "I will never forget this night!!!" and that she now has a deeper love of Boston:

In other Rihanna news, Chris Brown this week confirmed the rumor that he and Rihanna are no longer a couple. He told an Australian radio program that he is a "grown man" who is moving forward with his life.

(Image courtesy Marc Schiller/Wikimedia Commons)