Racist Hockey Remarks Land Students In Hot Water


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In a follow up to a story I reported on last week, after the Bruins lost to the Capitals in a game 7 showdown, racist remarks flew in because the guy who scored the goal was black. Well, as it turns out, a few of those people were students who went to Gloucester High School in Gloucester Massachusetts.

The board of education got word of what happened and stepped in with punishments for the offending students:

"Students involved in a stream of racist comments targeting Joel Ward — the Washington Capitals' player whose goal eliminated the Boston Bruins from Stanley Cup play April 18, and one of hockey's few black players — would "lose participation in a sport for a considerable length of time," and any of them with "leadership opportunities in extracurricular activities, or sports," will forfeit those as well."

The hammer was thrown down because the board felt like these students were poor representations of the school, so now this seems like a rule now that while you are a minor in school you cannot do anything without the fear of being suspended. Even in your own home.