Boston Manhunt: Redditor On Scene Offers Details In AMA

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The Boston manhunt is still going strong after one of the suspects in last week's marathon bombing was shot and killed last night. The other suspect, who is still at large, is still in the Boston area with police sweeping through the Watertown area looking for him.

The residents of Watertown, and Boston at large, were encouraged to lock their doors and stay off the streets today. During the downtime, one Redditor who lives in Watertown did a live AMA (Ask Me Anything) of the situation.

Here's the proof provided that shows he is in the Watertown area:


The top question posed to the redditor, who is going by the handle of kamikazi, describes the situation last night when news first broke out that a cop at MIT had been shot and killed by the suspects. He also described the scene when the shootout began early in the morning as police pursued the suspects near his neighborhood.

"Before I went to bed last night I checked reddit and the MIT shooting was just breaking(like 15 minutes old) I remember thinking. "Maybe it's the Bombers but more likely probably a mugging gone bad or something"

Woke up sometime between 12:30-1:30(I was groggy so don't really remember) to what sounded like someone taking out their trash but being an absolutely loud ass douche about it. Lots of banging and rustling. Probably was the shoot out which is 3ish/4ish blocks away."

Obviously, the people in Watertown could never guess that their community would be the center of national attention. Rabidkamakazi addresses this after a redditor asked him if he was scared or excited about the events around him:

"Both really. I've always wondered what it would be like to live in the zone of a mjaor news story. Now I know. It's both exhilarating and terrifying. Especially because of the bomb aspect. I've been running to my windows occasionally to take pictures and I keep thinking. Well what if a bomb denoted now and blew in this window. I'd be pretty fucked."

He also says that he hopes nobody else dies, including the suspect:

"I'm hoping no one else dies, including the bomber. I want his ass dragged before a judge so he can go to prision and die a slow painful death by shanking, not a fast one from a cops bullet."

Finally, he says that he already has a plan in place for once everything blows over:

"Call my parents and loved ones. Buy a pack of cigs. Have one. Throw the rest away. then see how I feel about work."

If you want to know more details from Redditors living in Boston, check out the /r/Boston subreddit. It's been updated throughout the day with reports people are getting in from every news source imaginable, including pictures from the area.

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