Kevin Spacey Photobombs Woman in Boston

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Photobombs are nothing new to the internet, but it's rare that a celebrity participates in 'ruining' a tourist photo.

This week, a woman became internet-famous for a short time after a friend of hers posted a picture of her standing in front of the George Washington statue in Boston Public Garden to Reddit. The catch is that acting legend Kevin Spacey had randomly joined the photo moments before it was taken.

The purported friend, who has since deleted his or her Reddit account, stated that Spacey simply jogged up to the woman, shouted "Photobomb!" and continued jogging.


The Reddit comments for the picture were soon filled with jokes based on Spacey's movie and TV characters. One of the best (by Reddit user mister_durden) referenced Spacey's character in American Beauty who asks for workout advice by saying, "I just want to look good naked." Another referenced Spacey's most recent character in the Netflix series House of Cards, who works out using a rowing machine.

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