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BOLT is Pinterest With Privacy and Permanence BOLT is Pinterest With Privacy and Permanence

BOLT, a new social content sharing platform, has officially launched today. Though the service provides a Pinterest-like grid of shared – or “bolted” – images and articles, BOLT has many features that Pinterest lacks. “BOLT is the next step in …

Bolt.com Drops Dead
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I suspect that Bolt.com has received more traffic in the last few hours than it did in the past week.  Unfortunately (for Bolt), people aren’t using the video-sharing site; they’re looking at its corpse.

GoFish Deal Gets Dynamited

We learned of GoFish’s desire to acquire Bolt Media about six months ago; a lot’s happened in the meantime, and the deal has now been called off.  Yet while both sides are being fairly quiet, it looks as if Bolt might have said another phrase to GoFish that begins with “go f—”.

Universal Continues Push For Video Royalties

Last November, Universal Music Group sued Bolt.com alleging various instances of copyright infringement. It appears that the two sides are nearing a settlement agreement that will see Bolt hand over several million dollars in damages as well as agree to pay future royalties on uploaded content that contains music from Universal Artists.