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Selena Gomez to Release ‘Revival,’ Representative of Rebirth as Adult

Selena Gomez has enjoyed a huge fan base as a child star, a tween idol, and the former beloved of another pop icon, Justin Bieber. With the release of her new album, “Revival,” on October 9th, Gomez hopes it will represent her rebirth as an adult in the music world. Starring for a few seasons as a small child on …

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Miss Beazley, George W. Bush Family Dog, Has Died

Miss Beazley, one of the former ‘First Dogs’ during President George W. Bush’s administration, has died of lymphoma. She was a Scottish terrier and often sat in the shadow of the Bush’s first First Dog, Barney. Barney was known for once biting a member of the White House press corps. Barney passed away in 2013, also from lymphoma. Miss Beazley …

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