Miss Beazley, George W. Bush Family Dog, Has Died

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Miss Beazley, one of the former 'First Dogs' during President George W. Bush's administration, has died of lymphoma. She was a Scottish terrier and often sat in the shadow of the Bush's first First Dog, Barney. Barney was known for once biting a member of the White House press corps. Barney passed away in 2013, also from lymphoma.

Miss Beazley was much friendlier than Barney and it seems she never made any enemies. President Bush alluded to this fact when he posted to Facebook announcing the beloved family pet's passing.

He first announced the passing in an official statement to the media on Saturday.

"This weekend our beloved dog, Miss Beazley, was put to rest," he said.

Former President George W. Bush even mentioned how much his and wife Laura Bush's cats loved Miss Beazley.

"She was a guardian to our cats, Bob and Bernadette, who – like Laura and I – will miss her," he wrote.

It can be devastating when pets die. The Bush family is no doubt mourning the passing of Miss Beazley the way many people mourn beloved family members. Pets are cherished parts of many households and their deaths can leave huge voids that can't simply be filled by adopting or buying a new pet. Their unique personalities go with them when they die and cannot ever be replaced.

Condolences are no doubt going out to George W. and Laura Bush and their family from around the world for the passing of Miss Beazley. They loved their little dog for ten years and are certainly feeling her void. The huge hole in their hearts will eventually close, but never completely. It will one day be mostly filled, however, with loving memories of a very important part of their family.

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