Selena Gomez to Release 'Revival,' Representative of Rebirth as Adult

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Selena Gomez has enjoyed a huge fan base as a child star, a tween idol, and the former beloved of another pop icon, Justin Bieber. With the release of her new album, "Revival," on October 9th, Gomez hopes it will represent her rebirth as an adult in the music world.

Starring for a few seasons as a small child on Barney, Selena Gomez went on to star for four seasons on the Disney Channel on The Wizards of Waverly Place. She crossed over into the music world shortly before she began dating Justin Bieber.

Long referred to as "Jelena," Justin and Selena made news no matter what they did or where they went. The cameras loved the adorable couple.

While it's a bit uncertain as to Selena Gomez's present relationship with Justin Bieber, her maturity in the music world is a certainty.

A summer release from her upcoming album, "Good for You," soared almost instantly to the number one spot on the singles chart.

Selena Gomez needs her rebirth as an adult in the music world to remain independent. In addition to her past with Justin Bieber, her friendship with Taylor Swift--or at least one facet of it--puts her believability in peril. Selena wants to excel in her music career without fans thinking she's there because of her BFF.

If "Revival" is filled with songs like "Good for You," that clearly show off a grown-up, very sexy Selena Gomez--and also show off a far more mature voice than her earlier music shared--then Selena Gomez will soon enjoy that rebirth she is longing to attain.

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