Here’s What AMD Has In Store For 2014

Here’s What AMD Has In Store For 2014

By Zach Walton January 24, 2014

For the past several years, AMD has always played second fiddle to Intel when it came to CPUs. Recently, the company has been moving away from the CPU market to APUs – CPUs that have a GPU on the same …

Nvidia GeForce GTX 680 Review Leaked Nvidia GeForce GTX 680 Review Leaked


Nvidia has been really tight lipped on its next generation of PC video cards. The same video cards that are meant to combat AMD’s head start with the HD7970. If an early leaked review from Tom’s Hardware is any indication, …

Is The Playstation 4 Ditching The Cell Processor? Is The Playstation 4 Ditching The Cell Processor?

According to sources in the gaming world, Kotaku has reported that the PlayStation 4 will not use Sony’s Cell processor nor any possible successor. As we all remember, Sony developed the current cell processor in combination with Toshiba and IBM …

Nvidia Kepler Video Cards Rumored To Be In Production Nvidia Kepler Video Cards Rumored To Be In Production


It’s been a long time waiting, but Nvidia appears to finally be starting production on its line of Kepler GK104 video cards. For those unaware, Nvidia has been working on the new 28nm production process for a new video card …

AMD is Ultra-Thin and Ready to Compete AMD is Ultra-Thin and Ready to Compete

AMD makes processors for computers, they don’t make computers in any capacity however; many are speculating on who will engage AMD to supply processors for a leaner competitor to Intel equipped Ultrabooks‘. So I think the buzz surrounding AMD revolves …

AMD To Enter Ultrabook Market This Year AMD To Enter Ultrabook Market This Year

AMD has always been the cheaper alternative to Intel when it comes to processors and they are extending that to the Ultrabook market as well. Intel already announced their new Ivy Bridge platform Ultrabooks at CES. They’re hoping that will …

AMD CEO Steps Down, Company Searches for Replacement

AMD announced today that President, CEO, and director Dirk Meyer has stepped down from these positions. The company’s Board has appointed SVP and CFO Thomas Seifert as interim CEO while they search for Meyer’s replacement. 

Intel Pays AMD $1.25 Billion, Following That $1.5 Billion Fine

Update: Intel has now updated its Fourth-quarter financial expectations:

Facebook Calls Out Intel, AMD

Facebook has more than 200 million active users, and as you might imagine, keeping all of their information available (never mind the stuff pertaining to less involved people) requires some serious hardware.  Yet according to the company’s vice president of technical operations, certain manufacturers are falling short of the mark.

EU Fines Intel A Record $1.45 Billion

The European Commission has imposed a record fine against Intel Corp of $1.45 billion (1.06 billion euros) for violating antitrust rules and other practices used to exclude competitor AMD from the computer chip market.

Intel Receiving Federal Antitrust Scrutiny
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The chipmaker’s long-standing dismissal of antitrust claims by its main rival, AMD, will receive a test as Federal Trade Commission regulators take a closer look at Intel.

New York Probing Intel On Antitrust Issue

The semi-dormant spat between Intel and AMD over Intel’s business practices heated up with a broad subpoena hitting Intel’s offices, courtesy of New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.

A Chat with AMD’s CEO

On Monday AMD announced a new chip. Code-named “Barcelona.”

AMD Sets Up Shop In Second Life
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AMD officially launched its virtual presence today by opening its Dev Central Pavilion on AMD Dev Central Island, which can be found within the online world of Second Life as part of its Developer Archipelago.

With a virtual presence within the online community, AMD hopes to extend its Developer Outreach program into a virtual space for meetings, lectures, training courses and networking opportunities for developers.

Edelman Clarifies Vista Giveaway

The angst of bloggers who admitted to receiving choice AMD laptops loaded with Windows Vista received an injection of drama as PR firm Edelman has now asked for the goodies to be returned or given away after being reviewed.

AMD Acquires ATI, Announces CPU-GPU Combo

After several months of regulation-jumping and board-voting-formalities, AMD has officially gotten the green light to acquire graphics-leader ATI.

Intel Trims Middle-Management Fat

CEO Paul Otellini and other executives have announced the first move resulting from an extensive internal review started three months ago, by cutting 1,000 jobs.