Zooey Deschanel Interview On "Ellen" Is Horribly Awkward

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Zooey Deschanel is adorable, as everyone knows and insists on reminding us every five seconds. She's cute, she's quirky, she has huge blue eyes that lure you in to her cute quirkiness. We all love her whether we want to or not (personally, I was hooked when I saw her in "The Good Girl", saying wildly inappropriate things over a drugstore loudspeaker in a Southern accent).

But sometimes, two quirky personalities just don't mix. Those two would be Zooey and Ellen.

When Ellen sat down with Zooey to talk to her about the Emmy Awards (notably, her grumpy red-carpet photo, which was apparently inspired by Nicole Kidman), the interview started out alright but ended up bordering on sarcastic as Zooey displayed her quirky sense of humor while talking about how she got to the awards show.

"I got there a little bit late, because there was a long line," Zooey said. "It took a half hour to get two blocks...I don't know if you had this problem, you probably helicoptered in or something..."

"Yes, I helicoptered in," Ellen deadpanned, clearly not really amused.

"But I drove--"

"You drove yourself?"

"No, I was in a car. You know, like an automobile. You know those, right? With the wheels?"

The audience gives nervous titters of laughter throughout, clearly not sure whether to laugh at Zooey's bad jokes or support Ellen in her confusion. Honestly, it's hard to say whether the "New Girl" actress was being silly or if there really was some hard-edged sarcasm in there. Have a look for yourself.

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