Zach Braff Describes Odd Kickstarter Requests

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Zach Braff was so grateful when the film he wrote and directed with his brother, Wish I Was Here, got fully funded on Kickstarter that he agreed to some pretty odd requests from contributors.

“This one guy was a dentist and wanted me to read a greeting for people in his waiting room. So I did it! Welcome to Dr. Shapiro’s office! Hi I’m Zach Braff, please turn off your cellphone!” he said.

Braff also left personal voicemails for other contributors to thank them for helping him bring his baby to life, and he may have gotten a surprise when he came to one contributor's name: Joey King. King plays his daughter, Grace, in the film and said she donated money to get it made before she got the role.

"I was a backer of this film before I was even a thought of being in it. I went on Kickstarter and I donated. I was one of the 47,000 [supporters]," she said.

Actor Donald Faison, who worked with Braff on Scrubs, has a role in the film as well and spoke a bit recently about the way Kickstarter works as opposed to the way he wishes it worked.

"I wish that the fans or the people that invested got more back … it would be cool, for me, personally speaking, if it was more like a stock option where you put your money down and there's a chance that you get your money back and then some. That would be awesome. That would make it even better."

Wish I Was Here opened in theaters everywhere on Friday.

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