YouTube Viral Videos: Unforced Genius

Mike TuttleSocial Media

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Marketing agencies would kill to be able to predict what will make a video "go viral". The mystery ingredient that catches the attention of the Internet can be imitated, but seldom reproduced.

Many times it is the very fact that something was captured, not staged that makes it take off. The Only big secret, was being in the right place at the right time.

This video was uploaded 3 days ago, and already has almost 3 million views.

Babies are big, of course. "Charlie Bit My Finger - Again!" has racked up 412 Million views on the original upload alone. The "remix", auto-tune song, and other knockoff versions have pulled in several million each.

With the Super Bowl fast approaching, we already know that millions have been spent on the ads that will debut in that airtime. It must frustrate ad men to no end that some things garner all that attention without even trying.

Mike Tuttle
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