Yes, You Really Are Racist Says This Twitter Account

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Here's a new parody Twitter account to follow.

People say a lot of interesting things on Twitter. It's a public forum where any individual is only a few thumb-clicks away from releasing whatever brain diarrhea they happen to form in a matter of seconds. Inappropriate, unintelligent, misinformed, unfunny, offensive, and yes, racist, could be used to describe any number of tweets that roll through users' Timelines every day.

This guy is calling people out, letting them know that yes, they are in fact racist.

If you begin a tweet with "I'm not racist, but...," be prepared to receive a response from the account @YesYoureRacist.

According to CNN, the account is owned and operated by a South Carolina blogger who happens to be a 25-year-old white man.

"It's ridiculous to think that people don't think they are racist when they say these things," he says. "Some people say we are living in a post-racial society. Now we have a black president, somehow that made everything OK. But that is completely not the case."

Parody accounts are hit or miss. Accounts that call people out for improper or misleading tweets are usually funny unless the operator is a total dick about it. This one's pretty good. Remember, next time you want to preface a tweet outlining your lack of racism - you may want to think twice.

Josh Wolford
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