Wilt Chamberlain: Extra Footage Of 100-Point Game May Exist

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University of Memphis head of basketball Josh Pastner has surprisingly revealed that there may be a video of one of the most famous NBA basketball games ever played.

Basketball fans have long savored the meager video footage of Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point-game on March 2, 1962. That night, the Philadelphia Warriors beat the New York Knickerbockers 169-147. If you weren't one of the lucky fans in attendance that night there was no chance you would ever see one of the most incredible feats in all of sports...until now...maybe. There may finally be a full film of the game after all.

Pastner told the Delaware County Daily Times that his father, who was a ball boy for Philadelphia Warriors in 1962, taped the game reel-to-reel that night when he realized that the game might be a special one. Apparently, the tape might be misplaced somewhere or lost.

“They started when he had like 30-something; they thought it was going to be a special night. They gave it to Wilt — the 100-point game — and Wilt gave it back to my dad and my dad’s dad. He gave it back to them, they boxed it up, and he’s still trying to find it. He’s got all kinds of boxes, and he doesn’t know if he lost it.” Pastner said.

Pastner also revealed that Chamberlain believed someone was trying to poison him and that is why he had to make his father (Pastner’s) taste the drinks before he drank any of them.

“Wilt always felt someone was trying to get him by poisoning his drinks and he always drank 7-Up or Sprite. So he made my dad taste (his drink) before he would take it and make sure my dad didn’t conk out.” Pastner said.

Wilt Chamberlain is the most dominant basketball player in the NBA. Ever.

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