William Shatner & Carrie Fisher: The YouTube Showdown

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The Internet: a perfect model of the purest strain of democracy. Everybody has a voice and can contribute to the discourse of intellectual debates. That is, until you actually read the comments and debates of people arguing on the internet and, if you're like me, quickly realize that this place, this Internet is where good thoughts go to die.

It's usually easy to dismiss these debates and arguments because the contributors are almost always anonymous. Almost.

This would be a wonderful exception.

William Shatner and Carrie Fisher have been engaged in a spirited (if not a little hostile) disagreement about the age-old argument that occupies many nerd disagreements: Which is better, Star Wars or Star Trek?

Shatner opened his silo first in this interview:

Carrie Fisher then responded to his comments in this interview:

A pretty playful jab, sure, but even that was too much for Shatner to swallow. He slashed back with this wild retort on Monday (it's so mean at times that it's kinda awkward):

So anybody wanna comment and speculate how long it takes for one of these two to resort to Godwin's Law?