William, Kate Rumors: Signs Point To Yes

Amanda CrumLife

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William and Kate have been the objects of fascination for millions since they married, and now that an appropriate amount of time has passed, it's time for them to get to baby-makin'. At least, that's the opinion of everyone on the planet.

Because Kate has been seen toasting with water rather than wine at dinners lately--which is considered extremely bad luck aside from being a tad gauche--rumors are flying out of control that she is indeed preggers and is trying to give us all clues without coming right out and saying it.

William isn't doing much to quell all the baby talk, as he recently responded to a question from a student while on a tour of the Rainbow Centre without hesitation; the student asked how many children the couple wanted, and William fired back, "Two."

Now, any and all of this would be grounds for...well, nothing, in the normal world. But for the royals, it's a big deal. This is the future heir to the throne we're talking about here, so everyone is waiting with bated breath.

Amanda Crum
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