Will Smith and Margot Robbie Together Again

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Will Smith and Margot Robbie were spotted together in public once again, however this time the Focus costars kept their clothes on and their hands to themselves. This is the first time the two have been seen together since rumors of his cheating on wife Jada Pinkett Smith with Robbie surfaced weeks ago.

Appearing in Argentina for a photo call for Focus, Smith and Robbie seemed happy and completely comfortable in one another's presence, despite the rumors that ran rampant of a split between Will Smith and his wife of 16 years. The rumors stemmed from some rather loose behavior inside a photo booth between the two, with Smith nuzzling his costar as she exposed her bra. And while that isn't the kind of behavior that many husbands and wives would approve of between a spouse and a coworker, it certainly has the potential to be that proverbial mountain from a molehill, too.

Will Smith tweeted about the cheating rumors and the photos that appeared in Star magazine. He stated his dismay over how much his and Margot Robbie's behavior was taken out of context.

The actor certainly appeared in typical form on the set of Focus earlier in November--rapping for the crowd in true WIll Smith style--like he hadn't a care in the world. Does this mean things are really okay at home?

Hopefully both Will Smith and Margot Robbie have learned a serious lesson from their recent behavior--whether or not it constituted cheating on Will's behalf. They should know that the cameras are always watching them and are in fact hoping to find them in some compromising position. Why even give them the fodder they so desperately seek--unless, of course, there's more going on here than they are admitting? Have you noticed that Jada Pinkett Smith has said little to nothing since the photo booth debacle?

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