Whitey Bulger Transferred From Arizona To Florida

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Whitey Bulger, the alleged Boston-area crime boss who was convicted in 2013 on charges of racketeering and murder, has been transferred from a prison in Arizona to one in Florida.

Bulger's attorney says he wasn't given a reason for the move. Bulger actually stayed at a prison in Oklahoma for a few days before making the move, but it's not clear how long he will be in Florida.

“I haven’t been notified of any reason why he has been moved to Florida...the Bureau of Prisons routinely moves people for a variety of reasons," Hank Brennan said.

Bulger was convicted last year on counts of money laundering, racketeering, and for the murder of at least 11 people and was given a double life sentence plus five years. Several family members of his alleged victims testified against him, including Sean McGonagle, who said he was just eleven years old when his father, a rival gang member, disappeared. Paul McGonagle’s body was found decades later, but Sean said he’ll never forget answering the phone as a child and hearing Bulger’s voice say, “Your father won’t be coming home for Christmas.” When the boy asked who he was speaking to, Bulger allegedly replied, “Santa Claus.”

“You’re a domestic terrorist fueled by greed and sickening evil,” McGonagle told Bulger during the trial.

Bulger is the subject of a film starring Johnny Depp called Black Mass, which will be released next fall. The movie also stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Sienna Miller, Adam Scott, and Joel Edgerton. Boston locals will recognize the Boston University band in a St. Patrick's Day scene, which the university's director said was a bit hectic to film.

“It was a little bit hectic. The first hour was spent learning the music, and in the second hour we practiced the piece all together. We rushed through memorization of the piece, the Irish folk tune ‘The Garry Owen March,’ which was fairly simple thankfully, so we could get outside and practice marching, as most of us had never marched with each other," Aaron Goldberg told BU Today.

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