Wells Fargo Says Blac Youngsta Never Had An Account With Them, Rapper Proves Otherwise

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On January 13, rapper Black Youngsta posted a letter from Wells Fargo on his Instagram page, notifying him that his “deposit account relationship” with the bank is ending, citing that it was “business decision” on the part of the company.

Despite claims by Wells Fargo that Blac Youngsta never had an account with them, the letter advising him of their decision to close his account was enough proof that the rapper actually had transactions with the bank.

“DAMN THIS S**T CRAZY, @WELLSFARGO SHUT MY S**T DOWN CUZ OF A ‘BUSINESS DECISION,’” Blac Youngsta posted along with a photo of the document. “GUESS THEY RIGHT, I AINT GOT A ACCOUNT.”

Wells Fargo previously released a statement claiming that the rapper, who is named Sammie Benson in real life, did not have an account with them, after the musician was detained by authorities last week.

Blac Youngsta had a run-in with the police on Friday, January 8, outside a Wells Fargo branch in Atlanta. Cops waiting outside the bank arrested him after he withdrew $200,000 from his bank account.

It appears that the Atlanta police was alerted that someone tried to cash a counterfeit check and mistook the rapper for the suspect. Authorities have admitted that they made a huge mistake arresting Blac Youngsta and that detaining the rapper was a complete misunderstanding.

When Atlanta authorities checked his Wells Fargo bank account, they found out that the Blac Youngsta actually had $1.3 million in the bank. They eventually apologized to the rapper.

“They confused me but I’m legit,” the rapper said after his arrest.

The police have captured the alleged forger, Charles Darnell Edward, shortly after he cashed a counterfeit $24,000 check. Edward was charged with first-degree forgery.


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In another Instagram photo captioned “TAKING MY TALENTS TO @BANKOFAMERICA,” Blac Youngsta is seen shaking hands with a Bank of America employee, signifying that the rapper may be pulling out his deposits from Wells Fargo.

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