WATCH - Machete Kills Again ... In Space


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After the disappointing box-office numbers for "Machete Kills" it's hard to see any scenario where there will be third film in the Machete series. This didn't stop Robert Rodriguez from creating a mock-trailer entitled "Machete Kills Again ... in Space".

The preview was attached to the theatrical run of "Machete Kills", and it's everything you could want in a fake trailer. You can check it out for yourself below:

If you'd like a little more information on the film, you can read a synopsis of the film below:

"Watch Danny Trejo's machete-wielding, ex-Federale anti-hero as he defies zero gravity to fight a masked space villain with the help of a light saber. The galactic version of Michelle Rodriguez's eye-patched rebel character Luz is also thrown into the mix, along with Alexa Vega's KillJoy and a useless robotic sidekick that resembles Buck Roger's Twiki, which supposedly has the voice of Justin Bieber before Machete points a Han Solo-type gun and blasts it to smithereens. (Machete don't tweet -- or have Bieber fever, apparently.) The mention of Lady Gaga and Leonardo DiCaprio are also playfully hinted for cameos."

"Machete Kills" will release on Blu-ray on January 21, 2014.

Image: (YouTube)