Von Miller Cheats NFL Drug Test


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Denver Broncos' linebacker, Von Miller, is in hot water with NFL officials these days, and he's not alone. According to ESPN, Miller enlisted the expertise of an NFL urine collector employed with the league's drug-testing program. The effort was vastly unsuccessful. League sources indicate that this type of action will subsequently alter the how the NFL's collection testing procedure is administered.

The unnamed NFL urine collector was compensated to dilute Miller's urine sample. The test still counted as a positive, which led to an initial four-week suspension for violation of the NFL's substance-abuse policy. Sources said Miller's camp of representatives were initially making strides to appeal the suspension. However, once details confirmed that Miller did indeed conspire to corrupt the NFL's drug testing program with the help of an insider, all further intent to appeal waned. Four meetings have been conducted in regards to the disciplinary actions taken toward Miller by the NFL. While the NFL could have actually slapped Miller with a full-year suspension for his attempt to use his status to influence the collector, it was later determined that the two equally conspired together. NFL officials settled on a six-game suspension once

NFL officials conducted a meeting with Drug Free Sport, the company contracted to conduct the NFL's drug testing program. According to inside sources, Drug Free Sport has already taken extensive action to implement fingerprinting procedures. This advance in technology would render it impossible for unauthentic urine samples to be submitted.


Image via Wikimedia Commons