Vine for Windows Phone Is Finally Here

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Windows Phone users who have had to sit out in the cold and watch iOS and Android users have so much fun creating 6-second videos are now being let in the door. Today, Vine has finally launched on Windows Phone.

Vine for Windows Phone comes with the same functionality of Vine for iOS and Android - camera tools, grids, front-facing camera support, and an explore feature - but there are also a couple of new Window Phone-specific features.

"Unique to Windows Phone, you can pin your favorite Vine accounts to your homescreen, and use Pivots to easily switch between your apps. We love to see what each person contributes to Vine, and we’re excited to welcome Windows Phone users to the community," says Vine designer Ryan Swigart.

Last month, Vine finally introduced a feature that allowed users to edit their videos (they called it "Time Travel"). This will be available on Windows Phone as well.

A couple of months ago, Vine announced that they had topped 40 million users. When Vine announced their availability on Android in June, they announced 13 million users. That means that in 2.5 months, Vine tripled its user base. Not bad.

So, join the party Windows Phone users...

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