Veronica Mars Movie Trailer Released


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E! News released the trailer yesterday for the upcoming Veronica Mars movie that is due out in theaters March 14th. In the trailer, we get to see Veronica, Kristen Bell, all grown up and trying to land a big shot job as an attorney in New York City. She returns to Neptune when she finds out that her old beau Logan (Jason Dohring) is accused of murdering his girl friend. It also happens to be her ten year high school reunion. Veronica gave up the sleuth business after high school for bigger and better things. However, she is once again forced to solve the crime, find the real killer and save her high school sweat heart.

Veronica Mars, the television show which aired on UPN and The WB for three season, was never a huge hit. However, it did have a very loyal fan base, and it's because of those fans that the movie was made in the first place. The show's creator Rob Thomas, who also directed and co-wrote the movie, took to Kickstarter to get funds for the production.

In all 91,585 gave money for the project, and the campaign took in an astonishing $5.7 million, which more than doubled its $2 million goal. Thomas said of the fans and Kickstarter, "We are so grateful for the outpouring of support from Kickstarter backers. This movie wouldn't have happened without them."

Kickstarter launced in 2009. It is a crowdfunding platform where everyday "joe schmos" can financially back a creative project. A donor doesn't receive a percentage or cut of the profits if the project makes money. Instead, backers are offered rewards for their contributions. For example, a film backer might receive a copy of the final cut or a chance to go to the film's premiere. Rewards are typically based on how much money a backer contributes.

Anyone with a creative project trying to get financial support can post the details of their endeavor on Kickstarter. Well-known celebrities like Zach Braff, Spike Lee and Whoopi Goldberg have also used the site to raise money.

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