Val Chmerkovskiy Hooking Up With Dance Partner?

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Val Chmerkovskiy and actress Janel Parrish have taken the dance floor by storm in recent weeks, garnering major praise from the Dancing With The Stars judges for their chemistry. But after their most recent turn on the competition, rumors are flying that the pair are hooking up outside of the show.

The duo went into the finals last night with a romantic freestyle routine that ended with a passionate kiss, and Janel even told Val she loved him after their performance was heaped with praise.

“What you two have is so real and so authentic. That was so honest and so pure. It shows the trust you guys have. It was absolutely breathtaking," said judge Julianne Hough.

After the passionate performance hit the air, fans began to speculate on whether or not the two are an item. Even the judges couldn't hold back, with Bruno comparing it to a love poem.

“This was the visualization of a love poem. It touched everybody’s soul. So moving, so deeply felt. Hypnotically beautiful," he said.

While Janel says she's surprised she's lasted this long, she and Val are fan favorites to win the competition, and she says that now that they've made it this far, her goals have changed.

"I'm kind of surprised I stuck around this long," she wrote for People. "Honestly, my goal was just to make it through each week, and now I have a new goal, which is to win. Now that it's actually here and it's in sight, I want to go all the way and I want to go all the way with Val and I want us to win."

Amanda Crum

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