Uma Thurman Talks Having A Baby In Her 40s


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It didn't seem that long ago when actress Uma Thurman was all over the place, as she was constantly on magazine covers, the big screen, and on television promoting one of her projects.

Today, after a long hiatus, she's back with force in the Lars von Trier directed film Nymphomaniac, as she's been getting some wonderful reviews and might return to her glory days of the 90s when everything she touched was pure gold.

After taking three years off to have a child it seems that Thurman has learned how to enjoy fame and success a lot more, because she had trouble being in the moment during her Pulp Fiction heyday, and she always kept thinking about the next job or the next opportunity that was out there.

"I'm finally getting so much more calm than I used to be," said the mother of three in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. "I don't think I ever allowed myself to look forward to things. There was always anticipatory anxiety, and unfortunately, that had too much say in my reaction. But everything feels different now."

What's especially different is how she deals with criticism, she says, because she used to let everything get to her and if somebody said something bad or hurtful she internalized it. However, she's learned to become a lot tougher and says she doesn't think about what people say about her anymore.

"Everything got to me so much before," admitted Thurman. "I was just like a hairless cat in a snowstorm half the time. I was so thin-skinned. Anything negative people said I would latch onto."

It seems Thurman received all of this enlightenment after having her third child Rosalind, because having a baby in her 40s, she said, gave her plenty of perspective, and she didn't realize how young 20 was until now.

"You think you're grown up, but you're a child yourself," she said. "It's different to be at a point in your life where it's just stunning. Having a child is like having your heart get out of your rib-cage and walk around the room. But then your heart gets car keys and lipstick."

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