Twizgrid Upgrade Gives Twitter an Aesthetic Contrast


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Twizgrid, the increasingly popular photo browser for Twitter, released a comprehensive new upgrade that will have tweeters marveling at its sheer utility. While Twitter is usually a place where words are the centerpiece of interest, Twizgrid has a goal to bring contrast to that notion by providing a uniquely visual experience on the platform.

Their latest group of enhancements makes sharing photos on Twitter even more appealing by including a massive increase in available photo content, convenient access to a user's home timeline, and a recent album to view images in real time. Users can view Twitter photos by topic, person, or location with Twizgrid.

A dynamic album titled, "Around Me" shows a chronology of nearby photos but addresses privacy concerns utilizing a user-driven approach which allows the photos originator to selectively identify their location on a case by case basis.

Twizgrid Co-Founder Chauncey Regan comments on the "Around Me" album and other upgrades to their service:

"This feature supplements dominant nearby apps, such as Banjo and Highlight, as well as Twitter's nearby tweet feature. Twizgrid now offers an enticing way to view what's happening in the immediate vicinity, whether it's a raging party or a raging fire."

"Our unwavering objective is to be the most cohesive, comprehensive and compelling platform to display Twitter photos."

Twizgrid is available for free on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Visit the iTunes store to download the app.