Twitter Tests Showing Articles Where Popular Tweets Are Embedded

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Twitter appears to be testing a new feature that will provide users with a way to view popular tweets in better context by pointing them in the direction of articles where those tweets have been embedded.

The new "embedded on these websites" feature, only being seen by some users, appears just below the tweet and links to sites where the tweet has been embedded. It's as simple as that. For instance, check out this tweet from the White House that had been used in articles from CNN, ABC News, and more:

Twitter first launched embeddable tweets back in December of 2011. But this is the first time that tweets have contained information on where they are embedded across the web.

This is an interesting feature, one that will hopefully help users find more information and context on individual tweets. For websites, this could be a new way to send Twitter users to their way. Let's say a tweet catches your eye, but you don't really understand its significance of simply wish to learn more about why it may be important. You look down and see that the tweet was featured in a NYT article. And there you go - context.

[Mikko Hypponen via The Verge]
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