Twitter Reorganization and Big Hiring Spree


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Twitter now employs over a thousand people. Back in January, they only had about 900 people working for them, now that number has grown to 1,046.

According to Business Insider, Twitter is on a hiring spree which, so far, has been populated by a lot of ex-Google employees. Also, the company has just went through a massive reorganization that caused some to leave and others to be promoted. Lets look at some new hires first.

The first of those Google hires was Richard Alfonsi, a former senior sales executive. He will now serve as vice president of global online sales at Twitter. Another addition to the team is Don O'Leary, who left Google in May to join the ranks of Twitter.

Shailesh Rao, also of Google fame, left back in February to run the Asian-Pacific sales division for Twitter. So it appears Twitter is growing heavily populated with folks who used to work at Google. I wonder what the connection is there?

In any event, Twitter is still hiring, andif you believe you possess any of the skill sets they are looking for, you should apply (even if you don't currently work for Google). I guess the catch is most of the jobs are in London, Dublin, and Tokyo. All fine places to live, I am sure. It might be worth relocating. There are over 40 positions still available.

As far as the reorganizations goes, the change in ranks didn't sit well with some, and product chief Satya Patel decided to leave the company.

Here's a look at what the reorganization looks like:

* Othman Laraki was promoted to VP of growth and international product.

* Michael Sippey, formerly a top executive at Say Media, runs consumer product.

* The company doesn't have a head of ad product right now. Sippey and Laraki are splitting those responsibilities. Google seems like an obvious place for Twitter to hunt for a new ad-products chief, though.

* Twitter has added a lot of people to sales—now more than 200 of its 1,000-plus employees work on monetization. As we reported, a lot of that expansion is now happening in international sales.

All Things D has coverage of the event which features an in depth look at the entire Twitter reorganization. Follow these links to their article to learn more.