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Mother's Day is this Sunday, April 8th. Twitter is promoting an interesting gift you can give her - the gift of social media.

From the Twitter blog:

When you’re hanging with your mom this Mother’s Day, try teaching her a thing or two about Twitter...moms on Twitter are like moms in real life: fun, funny, caring, adorable and engaging. It’ll bring you closer and provide some laughs as well.

Twitter also prepares you for the resistance that may arise from your mother when you suggest she creates a Twitter account - statements like "But I don't have anything to say" and "I don't care about [following] celebrities." They say to tell her that Twitter is an easy way for her to check up on you and that of course she wants to follow celebs, Martha Stewart is on Twitter!

I love my mother, but I doubt those would be the roadblocks we would run into. Ours would be more like "People are going to steal my identity," or "I'd love to, but my son didn't get the hint and buy me a new computer last Christmas." Perhaps "What's the internet?"

Psst, there's a secret ending in this video. Hint: @ConanOBrien gets emotional.#MyMomTweets 21 hours ago via Twitter for Mac · powered by @socialditto

Twitter is promoting the hashtag #MyMomTweets to promote mothers on Twitter, but it is a morphed version of that hashtag that is trending currently. #mamasays is the hot hashtag right now, and besides the obligatory #mamasays knock u out, here is my favorite that I've seen. Good one, Mitch.

#MamaSays That You Tha Devil! 5 minutes ago via web · powered by @socialditto

I can only imagine the Twitterverse using this and #MyMomTweets for nefarious purposes, however. Just imagine, combine an @ mention with #mamasays and the perfect mom jokes are born on Twitter.

But I am a pessimist. Mom awareness on Twitter could be a good thing. Seriously, with all the incessant crap that people tweet about, tweets with sound motherly advice or tributes to wonderful moms are quite welcome. Plus, at least in my family, teaching the parents about anything tech related is a win for all.

Just don't think that explaining Twitter to her counts as her present. You still have to get her flowers, guys.

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