Toshiba Launches Ultralight Ultrabook: Portege Z935


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Earlier, we talked about the new Satellite U845W Ultrabook Toshiba is launching in July. It is the first ultrabook with a widescreen 21:9 display, and probably one of the most interesting Ultrabook releases we have seen recently. Well, there is another release we think is noteworthy, and that is the Portege Z935.

Portege Z935 is being called the world's lightest ultrabook at just over 2.4 pounds. That is ever so slightly less than the 13.3-inch MacBook Air. The Z935 comes with a 13.3-inch screen and a slim 8.3 mm profile at its thinnest point.

The Z935 comes with Ivy Bridge Processors, Intel HD 4000 graphics, up to 12GB of DDR3 RAM, and up to 512GB SSD. It comes with a brushed magnesium alloy casing a backlit keyboard, and a 13.3-inch non glare 1366x768 resolution LCN. It comes complete with a USB 3.0 port, two USB 2.0 ports, HDMI, VGA and SD card reader slots.

It comes out on June 24 at a starting price of $899.99. That's quite a bit cheaper than the 13-inch Macbook, so it may make for a good substitute if you want the thin design but don't have the cash. Or, if you just don't like Mac OS. In the U.K. the Portege will be released sometime in Q3 at a price of 899 Pounds.