Tom Brady Injures Knee, Limps Off Field


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Patriot fans and fantasy football fans alike can now breathe, Tom Brady just sprained his knee.

During a practice session on Wednesday with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Brady left the field after he hurt his knee. His left knee. The same knee that was injured in 2008 in game one, ending his season for that year.

One fan, Chad Kopcak, has become a celebrity after posting video he took of the incident.

Pats fans remember to remain calm when watching the video.

At first, Brady just left the field and even returned to practice a bit later, but soon, he left practice with the team's trainer.

It seems Patriot Nate Solder was pushed by Buccaneers defensive end Adrian Clayborn, and Solder fell on Brady's knee.

Clayborn explained how it all happened, “You always have to stay away from the quarterback, but if you have a guy on his heels my instinct is to keep going. That’s what I did. I bull-rushed [Solder] and apparently he tripped on Brady and fell on him.”

Solder himself said, "We're always working to protect. I'll have to see what happened on the film. I screwed some things up here and there."

Brady had an MRI, which came back negative.

Until then, the Patriots are going to play it safe with their prized possession.

Maybe Jesus just wants Tebow to get some playing time at quarterback this year? Or maybe Frank Caliendo knows the plan for birthday-boy-Tebow.