Titans' Jake Locker Hospitalized Amid Hip Injury


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Things can change in a matter of seconds, and Tennessee Titans' star quarterback, Jake Locker, can definitely attest to that given his rapid turn of events during yesterday's game. The Titans' (3-1) have kicked off the 2013 season, hitting the ground running – literally and figuratively. But, in wake of Locker's injury, it's hard not to question if the team's dynamic has been thrown a wrench.

At the top of the third quarter during the Titans-Jets game Sunday, New York Jets' defensive lineman, Muhammad Wilkerson, charged Locker with an intense blow to the chest, right before he took another hit on the way to the ground. Locker landed on his right foot in an obviously awkward position. He immediately grabbed his right hip, which was a definite indicator that the starting quarterback was in pain.

He turned to lay flat of his back, as the team's medical staff rushed the field before carting him off to the locker room. Locker laid immobilized as he reassured the crowd that he was okay, giving a thumbs up. But, his pain was quite blatant. Locker was quickly assessed and rushed to the hospital.

The Titans have not released any further details in regards to Locker's condition. However, Tennesse Titans' head coach, Mike Munchak, did state that Locker's injury did not require emergency surgery, which hopefully is a good indicator that his condition isn't season-ending.

Although Locker suffered an injury, all was not lost as there were, indeed, high points in the game. ABC News indicated that Locker did throw a NFL career-high of three touchdowns before his injury, and the Titans went on to clench a 38-13 win over the Jets. While the detailed status of Locker's injury has not been thoroughly assessed and released as of yet, there's still a glint of optimism for the quarterback and the team.

Image via Wikimedia Commons