Tina Fey And Jason Bateman Co-Star In 'This Is Where I Leave You'

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Saturday Night Live alumna Tina Fey recently attended the Toronto Film Festival, where the opening of her new film This Is Where I Leave You happens on September 19, Friday. She did some interviews there with her co-star on the film, actor Jason Bateman, to talk about her role in the movie as well as current events such as the leaked celebrity nude photos.

Fey, 44, is a year younger than Bateman, and the actors play quarreling siblings in This Is Where I Leave You. The duo joked that nobody would find any nude photos of them. However, Fey also tackled the fact that the nude photo leaks were a serious invasion of privacy. “There’s an impulse with this to blame the women. It’s not their fault. It’s as bad as if someone went to their home and pulled the covers down while they were asleep,” she said.

Fey and Bateman were also interviewed by MTV News’ Josh Horowitz and subjected to a round of “Would You Rather”. When asked if they would rather Justin Bieber be their husband or son, Fey immediately replied that she would choose him to be her son so she could “lock that s—t down!” Bateman, reminded her, however, that she could divorce Bieber if he were her husband and Fey accordingly changed her answer.

Her role in This Is Where I leave You is a departure from her usual characters of hard-working, stressed-out women. In the new film, Fey plays a pampered wife returning to her childhood home to deal with the death of her father. “I play a lot of characters who are defined by their work — or they work too much. This is a lady who doesn’t work. That alone was interesting to me,” said Fey. “From the outside, her life seems perfect yet she’s the person who’s not really happy with the choices in her life.”

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