Tim Tebow: From Russia with love?


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Rarely a week goes by without Tim Tebow making headlines. Is Tebow a free agent again? Will he be drafted by any of the top NFL teams this time around? Awww no, did New England Patriots cut him from the team? This soon? Unbelievable!

And then there is Tebow's personal life. His miraculous birth in the face of all odds. His deeply religious mother was told it was likely that Tebow was going to be stillborn. But she never lost faith in God and her prayers were heard. This means the charismatic and deeply Christian man has been fighting against all odds from day one. Literally. (image)

By now, almost every living, breathing, red blooded American is aware of Tebowing, the passionately religious show-it-to-the-whole-world prayer mode on the field, that fills Tebow's fans' heart with faith, confidence and passion, and his haters' hearts with rage and anxiety.

But there is another aspect of Tebow's life which never fails to make internet gossip world alight with rapture. Who is going to be that special someone to capture Tebow's heart and be his beautiful bride?

Is buxom brunette Lucy Pinder the love of his life? Is Lindsey Vonn, the alpine ski world champion, bristling with feminine energy and allure, the one? Is Tebow's heart taken by the gorgeous Hollywood cutie Camille Belle?

At the end of the day, none of the rumors, purported relationships, dalliances have so far demonstrated any staying power. Tebow's female fans count their blessings every night before going to bed that he is still single and available.

But God has a plan for Tebow, and if reports from Russia are to be taken seriously, then that plan is about to take Tebow all the way to Moscow with a promised $1 million touchdown in his bank account. Tebow hasn't made his decision on the Russian offer yet, so keep your fingers crossed.

But make no mistake, if the plan does materialize, the American heartthrob with all the tebowing on the field might not make a dent on Russian relationship with Assad's Syria, but its a sure bet he will cause his eager female Russian fans to swoon with joy, devotion and desire.

And if the stars are all aligned in Tim's favor, he might return this Christmas, from Russia with love, and a future full of children and the joy of fatherhood.

[images from twitter]