Tim Tebow Still Owned In Fantasy Football Leagues


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Some people still think that Tim Tebow has a chance to play Quarterback for a team in the National Football League this season. Despite the fact that he didn't play last year, and despite the fact that the regular season starts this Thursday and Tebow is still not signed with a team. Some fantasy football owners are convinced that Tebow will not only play sometime this season in the NFL, but he will also be good enough to warrant a spot on their fantasy roster.

Tebow is currently owned in 1.3% of ESPN fantasy football leagues. That's more than Chad Henne, who will be starting at Quarterback on Sunday for the Jacksonville Jaguars against the Philadelphia Eagles in Philly. Henne is currently owned in only .8% of ESPN fantasy football leagues.

The former Heisman Trophy winner has drawn headlines everywhere he has played. The polarizing figure achieved success in Denver and even won a playoff game against the Steelers in Pittsburgh in 2011. However, his numbers have always been mediocre, at best, and many pro scouts knew from the beginning that Tebow did not have the arm strength to be an effective Quarterback in the NFL despite his success in college.

Chad Henne, on the other hand, is starting this Sunday. However, many football analysts believe that the 29-year-old, who has been less than mediocre in his nearly two seasons as QB #1, will eventually lose his job to rookie Blake Bortles, who was drafted by the Jags with their third overall pick. Some fantasy players also think that the rookie will get a chance to make an impact this season for the Jags. He is currently owned in 5.3% of ESPN fantasy football leagues.

Tebow is currently an analyst on SEC Nation, which is a traveling pregame show. SEC Network coordinating producer Brett Austin said of the former first round pick, "I don't know what his ceiling is or if he even has a ceiling. His depth of knowledge and his passion — kind of where he comes from — it's amazing. It really is. He's dialed in from day one." Austin added, "He's prepared. He's passionate. He's been there, done that."

Even still, Tebow is only 27-years-old and despite being cut by the Patriots last August before the season started, he still has a desire to play in the NFL. He keeps himself in tip-top physical shape by working out six days a week, just in case a team comes calling.