Tightrope Walking Daredevil Crosses River Seine

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There are several ways to cross Paris’ famous River Seine, and using a tightrope is just one of them. That’s just what this French acrobat did.

Denis Josselin, a tightrope walker, has successfully crossed the River Seine in Paris last Sunday. Crowds gathered to see the amazing feat. Others were anxious, and some were just plain excited about the rare event that was about to take place.

Josselin started dabbling in tightrope back in 1988. Prior to that, he was already trained in other activities, such as circus arts, dance, and mime – a true seasoned performer.

This is not the first time Josselin attempted to cross the River Seine. He also crossed the river a decade ago.

For his second successful attempt, Josselin was able to cross the river in just 30 minutes. He crossed a rope that was suspended between Quai de la Rapée and Quai d’Austerlitz. The cable he crossed was 150 meters long, and was hanging 25 meters above the water, which is quite a long way down.

Josselin did not fail to amuse those who came to watch him. At one point, he even entertained the audience by walking a few meters in a blindfold.

“Ever since I started walking on the cables I have stopped dreaming of flying. I am flying,” he said in an interview after his death-defying stunt.

Josselin is the last tightrope walker to have authorization to cross the River Seine. That was back in 2004. Since then, he is the only person to tightrope over the river again. This year, the daredevil says that he is enjoying these rare occasions as much as possible.

Josselin is far from done with these acts. He said that he is planning to cross a tightrope that is suspended over 70 meters high. He has several ongoing projects, but said that he won't disclose the details as of yet. “I won't tell you more now.”

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