This Reddit Top-200 Visualization Will Help You Waste the Day Away

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It's almost the Thanksgiving holiday, so it's not like you're doing anything productive anyway.

With that in mind, a new data visualization is here to kill hours, if not days of your life. It's the 200 top-scoring reddit posts of all time, organized by subreddit.

When it comes to "score" (the net numbers of upvotes minus downvotes), it's clear that reddit's r/funny and r/pics subreddits dominate the top 200. The top 200 most-popular reddit links of all time also include 5 from r/WTF, 4 from r/todayIlearned, and 1 from r/music.

You can also re-sort the interactive chart to show a visualization of the top 200 based on comments. As you would expect, doing this gives more real estate to comment-happy subreddits like r/IAmA and r/AskReddit. FYI, the top reddit AMAs, in terms of score and comments, are Barack Obama's, Bill Gates', Snoop Lion's, and Neil deGrasse Tyson's.

The interactive chart was created by James Trimble, a computing science student at Glasgow University. His site, UK Data Explorer, features a ton of different style of data maps, all exploring public data.

Go check out the visualization and kill some time here.

UK Data Explorer via Mashable
Images via UK Data Explorer, reddit

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