This Is What A Copyright Alert Looks Like

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The "Six Strikes" Copyright Alert System is being implemented across major ISPs this week. Those who regularly download music or movies illegally via BitTorrent might just start seeing these alerts pop up in your email inbox.

Of course, the concerned Internet user may want to know what these alerts actually look like. Ars Technica was able to get their hands on a few of the alerts from Comcast, and they're pretty much what everybody was expecting.

This Is What A Copyright Alert Looks Like

Comcast provided Ars with only a limited number of alerts - one, two, four and five to be exact. The ISP wouldn't say why it couldn't provide all of the alerts, but it's safe to assume that all the alerts will look similar to what was provided.

Interestingly enough, it looks like the Copyright Alert System isn't even doing its supposed job. As pointed out by Ars, the alerts don't even tell consumers what they downloaded to receive the alert. The email also doesn't point consumers to legal alternatives. You would think Comcast, which owns NBC, would want to point consumers to Hulu or other legal alternatives where its properties are hosted.

Granted, this is just the start and Comcast may refine the system in the coming months. We also don't know what the alerts from other ISPs will look like. Those may point to legal alternatives and actually provide more information to the suspected infringer.

For those worried about the CAS, it seems that a VPN may be the way to go. Ars confirmed with a spokesperson from Time Warner that the ISP will probably not be able to catch those downloading media through a proxy.

I'm sure we'll start seeing what the other alerts look like as people with other ISPs start to receive them. We'll then be able to tell whether or not this is truly an "educational" program, or just another pro-copyright campaign that will only piss off consumers.