The Simpsons To Air On Cable Channel FXX


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The Simpson's will air on FXX in reruns. FXX is a new cable channel that is owned by FOX and is only three months old. This is the first cable deal the channel has made and it is likely to bring in a lot of new viewers for FXX.

The deal with FOX includes pay-TV, video-on-demand and streaming rights to the animated show. It is believed that FXX will pay between $1 million and $2 million an episode, making the deal worth $550 million to $1 billion-plus.

The Simpson's is an extremely popular animated television show and is the longest-running scripted show in television history. The rights to the show are highly coveted and the ownership of these right will prove very beneficial to the new cable channel FXX, in terms of ratings and viewers.

“We see the move as an important step to helping buttress the new FXX network,” wrote Daniel Salmon, an analyst with BMO Capital Markets Corp. “‘The Simpsons’ helps build the schedule, which should boost ad revenue once the show begins airing.”

The Simpsons is popular among children, teens and adults and is well known for their seasonal and holiday specials, especially their Halloween and Christmas episodes. The series is available for purchase on DVD and may soon be available on FX Now app over the Web and on mobile devices.

Image from Wikimedia Commons.