The Science Of Counter Strike: GO "Heat Maps"


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The amount of pure data that developers get when they do beta tests is massive to say the least. And every developer chooses to use this data in different ways. Some change maps to funnel the action in different directions others use the data to make their games more stable. The team over at Valve is giving us a little insight into what they are using the data for.

This is what they had to say on their official blog about Counter Strike: Global Offensive:

"Recently we have discussed how we incorporate feedback into our design decisions. In addition to valuable feedback on the forums, another important form of feedback we receive is gameplay data. Our data collection is extensive. We track nearly every player action, from individual bullets fired to weapon purchases, and the resulting data can be used to help us evaluate game design decisions.

A straightforward way to visualize the data we collect is through heat maps. Heat maps can reveal player preferences, choke-points in maps, sight-lines for snipers, and much more.

Below are a set of heat maps showing the firing locations for 6.5 million bullets while beta testers played de_train. Players have fired a weapon in nearly every inch of this map, though of course some locations are more popular than others. Take a look, head to the forums, and let us know what you think!"