The Comic Sans Project Promises To Defend Everyone's Favorite Font

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One time, during a fairly boring lecture in one of my unremarkable college courses, something amazing happened. My professor put up the title page from a student's essay and began mercilessly berating said student for one simply failure.

They used Comic Sans.

Of course the name was blacked out and nobody could possibly know which student had committed the unforgivable act - but they knew. They laughed with the rest of the class, but inside they felt all-encompassing shame of poor font choice.

Popular opinion holds that Comic Sans is the worst typeface to ever exist. Narrowly edging Papyrus for that dubious distinction, Comic Sans is a force of nature. It can inspire so much raw hatred, allowing it to unite people around a common enemy. Folks that can't agree on which direction the sun rises find common ground in their overwhelming disgust for Vincent Connare's simple, comic book-inspired font.

But like almost anything universally despised, there are a few brave souls who have decided to stand in defense of the maligned font. The people of the Comic Sans Project state "we are the Comic Sans defenders. We fear no fonts and we will make the whole world Comic Sans. Because Helvetica is sooo 2011."

The tumblr is simple. To spread Comic Sans to everything we know and love by replacing classic logos with the font. So far, they've managed about 10 revamps - as they've only been active for about a week. Here are a few of my favorites:

They say that they have received a lot of submissions, and are working on setting up a submission system soon.

I'm afraid what Hitler might have to say about the blog, however:

The people at the Comic Sans Project aren't the first to take up the cause of the beleaguered font. This amazing animation was created based on a McSweeney's monologue:

Why so much hatred for Comic Sans? As one YouTuber said in a response to that very question: "Because it's shit."

If all this Comic Sans has you feeling a little gross, might I suggest watching Helvetica as the mind's equivalent of a long, hot shower.

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