The Avengers Facebook Game Gets Movie Tie-In

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Social games are a driving force behind why Facebook has become the giant that it is. The amount of profit that they can make is enormous. Marvel decided to dip it's toes into the business and try to make some internet monies with their "Marvel: Avengers Alliance" game.

The game is an A-Typical Facebook social game. You have a certain number of energy that you can use to do a certain number of tasks. Your energy replenishes over time, or you can pay real life money to replenish and to buy in game items.

To help with their total conquest of the world by using the Avengers, they have included a movie tie-in to the game. you now have the ability to change the outfits of characters such as Captain America and Iron Man to match the characters in the movies.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance boasts 1.2 million daily users and is actually kind of fun.

Here are the pictures of the new costumes that you can get. These pictures are courtesy of Mashable:

Black Widow

Captain America



Iron Man


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