Thanksgiving Storm Expected in Northeast


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Thirteen people have tragically died from a winter storm that threatens to spread across the Northeast, and unfortunately just in time for Thanksgiving. The southern part of the United States has experienced cold rain as well as ice through the impact of Winter Storm Boreas. Numerous states (California, Oklahoma, Texas, Nevada, New Mexico, and Arizona) have already endured heavy snow as well as other dangers. As this system continues to move in a northeast direction, it is expected to combine with another storm materializing from the Great Lakes. According to The Weather Channel's Tom Niziol, “That is a lethal combination for winter weather in the Northeast.”

The worst weather for those located in the Northeast is expected on Tuesday and Wednesday. According to Kevin Roth, who is the lead meteorologist for The Weather Channel, avoiding travel or limiting travel time during these days is advisable. “If people traveling can get out before then, or wait until afterward, that would be the best thing,” he said.

This is the busiest time of year, and millions are expected to travel; however, airports in many metropolitan areas could be closed. Travelers in New York, Boston, Washington, and Baltimore should monitor flights in anticipation of potential cancellations.

There is not all doom-and-gloom associated with this storm. Damaris Machabo of Oklahoma explained her perspective while remaining positive through the storm. "It looks great. I love the snow," Machabo said.

[Image Via NDN]