Earth Internet - Image by Pete Linforth
Cloudflare, Apple and Fastly Create Improved, Private DNS

Engineers from Cloudflare, Apple and Fastly have worked together to create an improved DNS protocol that protects user privacy.

Sophos Logo
Sophos Suffers Data Exposure Incident

Security firm Sophos has informed customers it suffered a data breach as a result of a misconfigured database.

FCC Upholds ZTE’s ‘National Security Threat’ Status

The Federal Communications Commission has denied ZTE’s request to reconsider the decision to label it a national security threat.

AWS Logo
AWS Network Firewall Unveiled to Help Protect VPCs

AWS has unveiled the AWS Network Firewall in an effort to help customers protect their cloud-based virtual networks.

Twitter Safety
Twitter Hires Famed Hacker ‘Mudge’ to Oversee Security

As it continues to deal with security issues and misinformation, Twitter has hired Peiter Zatko, known as Mudge, as head of security.

Cybersecurity Code
Companies Estimate Five Days to Recover From Unpaid Ransomware

Some 66% of companies believe it would take them at least five days to recover from an unpaid ransomware attack, according to a new survey.

Microsoft Office Building
Microsoft Unveils Pluton: A New Security Chip For Windows PCs

Microsoft has unveiled Pluton, a new security chip designed to improve the security of Windows PCs.

Vertafore Logo
Vertafore Data Breach Exposed 28 Million Texas Driver’s License Records

Vertafore has acknowledge a data breach that has exposed the driver’s license records of some 28 million Texans, thanks to unsecured files.

Laboratory Analysis - Image by Michal Jarmoluk
Hackers Targeting COVID-19 Vaccine Companies

Microsoft has revealed that “nation-state” actors have been targeting the companies and researchers working on COVID-19 vaccines.

Android Smartphone
Google Play Store the Primary Source of Android Malware

A new study has determined the Google Play Store is the prime way Android malware is distributed.