Tara Reid Took Her Role In 'Sharknado' Seriously


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Even though she found herself in absurd and awkward situations, actress Tara Reid says she took her role in the low-budget television films, Sharknado and Sharknado 2: The Second One, very seriously. Reid said she committed herself completely to her character, even when she was in crazy situations.

The first Sharknado film featured man eating sharks being dumped by a massive storm on Los Angeles, and was an instant hit and social media phenomenon. In the second film, the plot remains quite similar, however the sharks are flying through New York City.

"Even though the situation was crazy, you had to play it serious," Reid said in a recent teleconference. "If you were playing it, laughing all the time, the story line wouldn't even make sense. It's like taking it serious in such an absurd, crazy environment and that's where the jokes come in. That's where it gets funny, so you really do have to commit to your character and also know what you are playing. And being in that situation that you're in and playing it serious, then there comes in the humor."

Reid said she was excited to work on the sequel, and hoped to make another film that her fans would like equally as well. "It was exciting that the first one was such a hit, but I don't think that changed how we performed or affected us any way like that," Reid told UPI. "We were hoping to make another big, fun film that people would enjoy."

Sharknado 2: The Second One premieres on Syfy on Wednesday, July 30.

Image via Wikimedia Commons