Tamra Barney: Will Eddie Leave Over Plastic Surgery?

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Tamra Barney seems to have an obsession with plastic surgery.

The Real Housewives of Orange County star has had lots of work done, including many indulgences in Botox.

However, her husband seems to be fed up with it all.

Eddie Judge likes a natural look, according to a source close to Tamra Barney's husband.

"It’s absolutely ridiculous that Tamra has had so much Botox and cosmetic fillers work done to her face. She looks like a former shell of the beautiful lady that she used to be. Eddie just can’t understand her need to constantly go to the plastic surgeon.”

The source continued, "And it's become a major issue between them. Tamra does receive a discount on the procedures, but it's still very expensive. More importantly, Eddie prefers the natural look, and just wishes Tamra would stop. Yet, she refuses."

Apparently, Eddie Judge is so fed up with Tamra Barney's antics that he refused to make an appearance on the highly publicized reunion show.

"Eddie was invited to go to the reunion, but refused," a source revealed. "And Tamra was extremely upset about it."

"For Eddie, however, there was nothing to gain by going and it would have been a waste of his time."

The source said of Tamra Barney, "All of the over-the-top drama, including from his own wife, was just wearing on his nerves."

Even extra money couldn't entice Eddie Judge to join his wife on the show. That's surprising.

"Bravo even offered to pay Eddie extra money to go, but that still couldn't entice him. There are no contractual obligations for him to be a part of the reunion," the source said.

So, can their marriage be saved? Will Tamra Barney have to finally give up the Botox and grow old with her husband naturally? I guess we shall see...

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