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Hackers Obtain Xbox Live Accounts Owned By Microsoft Employees
Xbox Live is generally seen as pretty secure – at least more so than others. The service has never been taken down by hackers, but it has seen i...
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Redbox Instant’s Xbox 360 App Is Now Live
Another piece of the Redbox Instant puzzle has just fallen into place, as the Redbox Instant app for Xbox 360 is now available to download. Microsoft ...
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‘Pulp’ Launches as the First Xbox-Exclusive Movie
Pulp, a british indie “comedy about comics,” debuts today as the first-ever Xbox 360-exclusive film. As streaming and downloading options ...
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Mars War Logs Trailer Shows Off Combat, Skills
Last December, Spiders Studio revealed the first trailer for its upcoming Mars: War Logs. The game was billed as a cyberpunk RPG set on the planet Mar...
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Xbox LIVE Game Sale Begins Next Week
Microsoft today revealed that a huge sale on Xbox LIVE Games on Demand titles will take place next week. Over on his blog, Director of Programming for...
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Over 76 Million Xbox 360 Consoles Have Been Sold
The announcement of Sony’s next-generation PlayStation 4 console is less than two weeks away. Though the announcement of Microsoft’s next-...
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Capcom Arcade Cabinet Brings Classics to Consoles
Today Capcom announced all of the details on its upcoming Capcom Arcade Cabinet for PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE. Starting on February 19, the pu...
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Redbox Instant Coming (Exclusively) to Xbox 360 in the “Very Near Future”
Microsoft has just announced that Redbox Instant, the company’s streaming video venture with Verizon, will be coming to the Xbox 360 as as conso...
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Netflix Xbox App Will Be Unlocked for All LIVE Users This Weekend
As many Xbox LIVE users know, and Xbox LIVe Gold membership is required to utilize the Netflix app on the Xbox 360. Stupid or not, that’s how it...
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Call of Duty Games Dominated Xbox Gaming in 2012
It’s no secret that the Call of Duty franchise is one of the most successful gaming ventures in history. What many gamers might not know, howeve...
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Xbox Live Account Regional Migration Now a Reality
Good news, traveling Xbox LIVE members. Microsoft has just announced that Xbox LIVE region migration is now available to all users. Region migration l...
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God Mode “Retro” Shooter Announced
Atlus, the Japanese game publisher famous for handheld and downloadable titles such as the Megami Tensei series and Catherine, today announced a new d...
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Vimeo Launches New Xbox 360 App for LIVE Gold Members
Vimeo is now on your Xbox 360. The company has just announced an all new Vimeo app for Xbox LIVE that you can download and enjoy today, considering yo...
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Microsoft Sold 750,000 Xbox 360 Consoles On Black Friday
The holiday shopping season began over the weekend with Black Friday, and retailers are already reporting record sales. Amazon and Etsy have both come...
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Karaoke Comes To Xbox 360 For The Holidays
Karaoke isn’t as popular as it used to be. You can find a few bars that sport a karaoke machine, but they’re few and far between. In their...
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Xbox Live Turns 10, Microsoft Discounts Popular XBLA Games
Regardless of your platform loyalties, you have to give it up for Xbox Live. Microsoft, with its extensive knowledge in networking, showed console gam...
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Microsoft is Paying MS Points For Playing Halo 4
Competing with the Call of Duty franchise when it comes to player loyalty is hard. Microsoft’s strategy? Pay people to play Halo 4. Microsoft ha...
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Joe Biden Won the Debate If You Ask the Xbox LIVE Community
Earlier this month, Microsoft announced that they would live-stream all three Presidential debates and the sole Vice Presidential debate via their new...
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Watch the Presidential Debate Live on Your Xbox (It’s Interactive, If You’re into That)
Political junkies, members of the informed electorate, concerned citizens: YouTube isn’t the only place to watch a live streamed version of Wedn...
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Your Xbox 360 Achievements Aren’t Totally Worthless Anymore
If you’ve been consistently building up your Xbox 360 Gamerscore for years, you’re about to get rewarded…kind of. Microsoft has just...
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