Mars War Logs Trailer Shows Off Combat, Skills


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Last December, Spiders Studio revealed the first trailer for its upcoming Mars: War Logs. The game was billed as a cyberpunk RPG set on the planet Mars. Players will be able to take on the role of a man named Roy as he battles agains Technomancer dictators who control the red planet's water resources.

Promises were made that Roy will have "dozens of skills and perks" for players to adapt their play-style to be combat effective, stealthy, or technomancer-y. It's an ambitious project for something that is slated to be released via Xbox LIVE Arcade and the PlayStation Network, presumably at a price comparable to other downloadable indie titles.

Today, Focus Home Interactive and Spiders released a trailer for the game focusing on the real-time combat players will be involved in. The system appears to be similar to other other modern third-person action games, such as the Assassin's Creed games or the Batman: Arkham games.

The trailer also provides a glimpse at the game's skill tree and shows off a few of the powers that can be enabled. The crafting and gear system gets a quick mention near the end, but I suspect that might need a video of its own before the game's "Spring 2013" release date.