God Mode "Retro" Shooter Announced

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Atlus, the Japanese game publisher famous for handheld and downloadable titles such as the Megami Tensei series and Catherine, today announced a new downloadable third-person shooter.

The game, called God Mode, will feature what Atlus is calling "retro shooter action" with some RPG elements thrown in for players to battle undead cannon fodder in Hades. The developer claims it will have non-linear gameplay, "fast and frantic" shooting, and "hordes of on-screen enemies. As with most shooters these days, God Mode will have a four-player co-op mode. From Atlus' YouTube description:

"Do you like running? How about gunning? What if special abilities are thrown into the mix? Upgradable weapons? Let's say there're dozens of on-screen enemies to unleash this firepower on, and as your reward for dispatching them you get experience and gold to collect that can be used for character customization and new equipment--all the while playing alongside friends in 4-player cooperative play! If you like the sound of all this, then you'll love God Mode."

The title will also feature customizable characters and an experience system that unlocks new weapons and abilities. If you think all of this sounds a bit similar to Borderlands 2, you're not alone. As the trailer reveals, the developers of God Mode are also trying to capture the black humor of the Borderlands games.

Still, if Atlus can release something half as fun as Borderlands 2 as a low-priced, downloadable title, God Mode stands a chance of being a sleeper hit in 2013. The game is scheduled to launch in "early 2013" for Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network, and Steam.

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